Did anyone really expect Jessica Simpson to keep this a secret for long?

The Fashion Star judge and business mogul, now well into her second trimester, appeared last night on Jimmy Kimmel Live. She was intending to talk about how difficult her current pregnancy is, but lasted all of a minute before unintentionally blurting out that her second child will be another boy.

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Of course, it's Jessica, so she dropped the bombshell with unintentional hilarity. "The crazy thing is I never knew a wiener could make me nauseous!" she said to Jimmy, who had no chance of keeping it together after that.

All together now. One, two, three... that's what she said.

After admitting that she just announced she was having a boy, Jimmy shot back by saying, "Oh, I didn't even know what was happening! Maybe you were having a girl with a penis, I don't know!"

Jessica has done way worse in the TMI department recently, though. Yesterday on Ellen, she revealed that she and fiance Eric Johnson weren't trying particularly hard not to have another baby and that "protection was just thrown out the window!"

What do you think of Jessica's boy bombshell?

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