Way back in the 90’s, as teen heartthrobs go, Jonathan Taylor Thomas was basically all the boys of One Direction combined. It was thanks to his role as Tim Allen’s middle child on Home Improvement, of course, followed by appearances in a handful of movies aimed at his young fan base, like Man Of The House and Wild America. He also voiced an iconic role as Simba in The Lion King.

However, JTT bowed out of the hit ABC show before it ended.

And then… he vanished.

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Well, not exactly. He went to school at both Harvard and Columbia, so we can’t really blame him for largely keeping out of the acting game since 2000. He did a handful of guest-starring gigs on shows like Smallville and Veronica Mars, the last of which was back in 2005.

And now… he’s back!

Kind of. He’ll pop up on the March 22 season finale of Last Man Standing, starring his TV father Tim Allen. He plays Jon (named for him?), a former classmate of one of Tim’s daughters who is now the owner of a thriving restaurant.

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JTT is 31 one now. It’s nice to know that he’s still alive and up for the occasional TV appearance, if not a full-fledged comeback. We've never seen Last Man Standing, but we can't imagine any show that wouldn't be improved by a JTT cameo, be it a Tim Allen sitcom or Game of Thrones.

Now all we need to know is this: what the hell ever happened to Taran Noah Smith?

Will you check out Last Man Standing to catch JTT's return to TV?