Wanna work with Joseph Gordon-Levitt? That’s an obvious "yes!", but now you can actually have that shot by participating in his new TV show.

JGL announced that he’s bringing his production company HitRECord to television by hosting a variety show on the cable TV network Pivot. And guess what –- he wants all of us to be a part of it! (Well, at least those of us with some sort of artistic skill.)

Check out Joseph’s explanation of his new show.

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Creating a show filled with short films, live performances and guests, HitRECord is asking for writers, musicians, illustrators, video editors, curators, photographers, singers, graphic designers –- you know it, JGL wants it. And the best part? If your stuff gets used on the show, you’ll get some cash out it.

This type of involvement for a show is new to TV and the whole goal is the recreate the idea of what a variety show really is. “I love variety, I like preforming live… I grew up on 3rd Rock From The Sun performing live for big laughs,” Joseph said. “Let’s just do a whole bunch of really fun s—t.” Sounds like a good plan to us.

Pre-production for HitRECord is going on soon, but will premiere on Pivot in August. Joseph is super stoked to work with you (why wouldn’t he be?), so head over to HitRECord.org to get to work!

What do you think about JGL’s new show?

Is it an awesome concept or kind of a flop?