Hey Beliebers, are you ready for probably the best news you’ll hear all day? Are you sure? Well, a little bird told us — and by bird we mean Twitter — that a second Justin Bieber 3D film is currently in the works and we’ve got all the epic details!

Chelsea Briggs explains in today’s Hollywire Hot Minute!

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Here’s what we know: Justin recently tweeted director John Chu about seeing a cut of the upcoming Believe film and that he loved it. If you remember, John was also the one who directed Justin’s first film Never Say Never and we all know how successful that one was! The second documentary will follow Justin while he travels the world on his Believe tour, which he’s currently doing. So chances are we might not get the see the final product until this summer or fall. Can we even wait that long?

Another bet we’re taking is the whole Jelena breakup probably won’t make the final cut of the film, along with his recent paparazzi freak out. If it does, it’ll be the Biebs telling his side of it all, but we already know how he feels with his recent Insta-rant. Just expect plenty of epic performances and lots of screen time for you Beliebers!

What do you think about Justin coming out with another 3D documentary?

And do you think all the drama from this past year will be a part of the movie?