Justin Bieber may be headed for anger management... and we're not talking about Charlie Sheen's show.

The singer has been accused by his neighbor of battery after allegedly spitting at him during a verbal altercation last Tuesday. There's a long way to go before this reaches court (if it ever does), but spitting actually is a prosecutable offense and a battery charge is punishable by up to six months in jail! However, legal experts have said that anger management is the most likely scenario if Justin is convicted.

"Nobody gets that [much time]…If this was found true, I would expect there would be some kind of anger management classes ordered, community service — this would not be a jail case," said criminal defense expert Troy Slaten to E! News.

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A district attorney would also only be interested in prosecuting Justin if there were solid witnesses and proof available. In other words, "your word against mine" isn't going to cut it. The other accusations of assault against Justin also can't be used as part of an argument in court.

The Sheriff and D.A. could also ask to speak to Justin as part of an investigation, but he's not required to conduct an interview in this case. "He would be insane to give a statement to the police about this. No good can come from it," said Tony. (Sidenote: someone should tell Justin this also applies to Twitter.)

Either way, it will take three weeks for the case to be handed over to the D.A. from the Los Angeles Sheriff's Department, where a decision would then be made about whether or not to move forward with prosecuting. By that point, Justin will have almost finished the European leg of his world tour. He will then take a two-month break before the final stretch kicks off in the U.S. this summer.

Do you think Justin needs anger management?

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