Kim Kardashian is rarely seen not looking her best, but recently took a warts-and-all approach to displaying her beauty regimen.

On the most recent episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, she undergoes a blood facial that involves doctors taking blood from her arm, separating the platelets and then using an instrument with nine needles to inject it into her face. "I love trying anything that makes you look and feel youthful," she said in the least surprising quote this year.

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However, Kim's REDiculous procedure pales in comparison to what some other celebrities will do to turn back the clock. Check out the five weirdest beauty procedures that some A-listers take part in.

1. Placenta Skin Creams

Eva Longoria and Katie Holmes reportedly are fans of expensive skin creams that contain placenta, which many believe can boost collagen and moisture levels.

2. Hemorrhoid Cream

Um, yeah. So that cream that's supposed to go in your butt? Sandra Bullock puts it on her face. She swears it helps with lines around the eyes, but we'd rather not even attempt to find out.

3. Medical Leeches

When Demi Moore needs to feel more youthful, she flies to Austria and lets "highly trained medical leeches" suck the toxins out of her blood. Suddenly, Kim K's facial doesn't sound like such a bad option...

4. Bird Poop

Most of us are horrified when a bird poops on us, but Victoria Beckham would probably smear it on her face. She's reportedly a fan of traditional Japanese geisha facials, which use droppings from nightingales to form a cleansing paste. Seriously.

5. Fish Pedicures

Jessica Simpson has been caught on camera putting her feet in a pool of water while fish nibble away dead skin on her feet and toes.

6. Hypnotherapy

Singer Lily Allen is not a fan of dieting. She attributes her weight loss to regular sessions with a hypnotherapist, who she claims programmed her brain to reject cravings and stunt her appetite.

What do you think is the weirdest celebrity beauty treatment?

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