After nearly six days in the intensive care unit of an LA hospital, Lil Wayne has been released.

Early last week, the rapper suffered a seizure on the set of a Nicki Minaj video. He was rushed to the hospital and released shortly after, but wound up back in the hospital last Friday after another seizure that some thought was potentially fatal. He was removed from the ICU yesterday and placed with the general population, then released later that night.

However, many people believe his hospital was caused by a sizzurp overdose. But um... what the hell is sizzurp?

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Several reports claim that Lil' Wayne was drinking copious amounts of sizzurp, a combination of prescription-strength cough syrup with soda, before experiencing the seizures. Seizures are among the side effects of sizzurp and it also prevents the user from vomiting if necessary.

"Because Sprite or Mountain Dew and Jolly Rancher candy is in it, it's seen as innocent. They overlook the fact that codeine is an extremely strong opiate," said Dr. Harris Stratyner to The Fix. "If you drink poison and you don't have the ability to throw up, it can do a lot of harm."

Lil' Wayne has professed his love for the "purple drank" in several songs, but those close to him have slammed reports that he ODed on the drug. They also took particular exception with TMZ's coverage of his hospital stay, with reports which included that the rapper was receiving his last rites and surrounded by family members who were all saying goodbye.

"We will be releasing an official statement shortly but dont believe the nonsense about comas and tubes to breathe...that's false!!" tweeted rapper Mack Maine, who was bedside with the rapper during his hospital stint.

Do you think Lil' Wayne ODed?

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