Talk about an overprotective boyfriend!

One Direction’s Louis Tomlinson is taking extra precautions when it comes to his devoted fans getting a little too close to his girlfriend Eleanor Calder. Being the lucky lady on the arm of one of the hottest musicians in the world can result in some jealous fans sending some not-so-nice tweets, but after death threats were made to Eleanor, Louis had a $22,000 panic room installed in his house!

“Louis loves his fans and isn’t overwhelmed with paranoia. He’s just a realist about the dangers of being in the spotlight,” a source close to 1D said. “One Direction followers are notorious for tracking the lads down, so that’s made him a bit cautious.”

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Following the recent castration plot against Justin Bieber, reports say that Louis fears he could be the target of the same scheme. “This is just something that makes him feel safe,” the source added. While it may seem that Louis is going a bit overboard by adding the panic room, he’s not the only 1D member who’s done this. Zayn Malik supposedly has one in his North London home as well.

And as we know, any girl that’s linked to a member of One Direction is thrown to the wolves, getting criticized and receiving death threats on a daily basis. We’ve seen the abuse Taylor Swift faced with Harry Styles, and Louis has defended Eleanor on Twitter a number of times. “Truth of the matter is its actually not funny in the slightest,” he tweeted last April. “I’m reading through some horrible tweets very p*ssed off!”  

Zayn and Louis may be running to hide from their Directioners, but Niall Horan admits that in reality, it’s not that scary. “It’s a few brave girls sitting behind a computer thinking they can do and say whatever they want,” he said. “I know other celebrities get freaked out about the death threats, but I’m really carefree about it.” You know what, we can totally see that.

First question: what do you think about Louis' panic room? Over the top or the right thing to do?

Second question: are Directioners going too far by sending death threats?