College basketball not your thing? Us either. But just because you’re not participating in March Madness the traditional way doesn’t mean you can’t still be plenty mad this March.

We say place your bets on something a little more star-studded! There are plenty of ways to pit your favorite celebrities against each other, or bet on their crazy ways, without having to see a single dribble or slam dunk.

Check out our ideas for how to have a celebrity-filled March Madness all your own!

The rules are simple... they don't follow the traditional March Madness brackets at all. Simply place your bets on each category with friends, co-workers, or perfect strangers, and when the headline hits ('cause you know it will!), collect your winnings!

Ready? Let's get started!


1. Who will be the next celeb to get in (or cause) a car accident?

Your Choices Are...

Amanda Bynes, in a hit and run (even though she doesn’t do that)

Mel Gibson, just before a racist/homophobic/misogynistic tirade

Justin Bieber, racing the paparazzi

Bow Wow, driving drunk again

Lindsay Lohan, fleeing rehab on her way to a nightclub


2. Who will Taylor Swift date next?

Your Choices Are...

Niall Horan, to get back at Harry

Michael J. Fox’s son, as an “F you” to Tina and Amy

Jodie Foster, because they both want the most public privacy there is (and boys suck!)

Jake Gyllenhaal again, because she didn't mean "never ever ever"

Ed Sheeran, because just kidding, actually they’ve been dating all along

Nobody, because she’ll die a lonely spinster crying on her guitar


3. Which singing competition judge will be the first to freak out on national TV?

Your Choices Are...

Nicki Minaj, because she is tired of carrying American Idol all by herself

Mariah Carey, because Nicki dared roll her eyes at a true star

Keith Urban, because somebody on American Idol has to throw a diva-size tantrum… right?

Britney Spears, because it’s Britney, bitch

Shakira, because she just found out her hips have been lying to her all along


4. Who will be the next loser on ABC’s surprise hit reality diving competition show, Splash?

Your Choices Are...

Louie Anderson, in a belly flop

Drake Bell, because he’s afraid to jump

Kendra Wilkinson, because they "forgot" to fill the pool with water

Everyone who’s on it, because it killed their careers

Everyone who watches it, because America should seriously find something better to do


5. Which celebrity couple will be the first to break up?

Your Choices Are...

Miley and Liam, because she’d rather wear a unicorn onesie than her engagement ring

Rob and Kristen, because it turns out she made out with all her Twilight directors too

Emma and Andrew, because Spider-Man fans prefer him with Mary-Jane

Jennifer and Justin, because now that she's happy, Brad realizes she’s “The One” after all…

Chris and Rihanna, because… you know...


6. Who will be the next celeb to have an “accidental” wardrobe malfunction?

Your Choices Are:

Justin Bieber, Attention Whore Extraordinaire

Rihanna, Reigning Queen of Wearing Nothing

Selena Gomez, to compete with Justin

Lena Dunham, bored with clothing in her downtime from shooting Girls

Anne Hathaway, because that Les Mis thing totally wasn’t an accident

Chelsea Briggs, on the Hollywire Hot Minute


7. Who will win an Oscar for a 2013 release?

Your Choices Are:

Johnny Depp, playing a pale freak in a Tim Burton movie

Jennifer Lawrence, because everyone likes her better than Anne Hathaway

Matthew McConaughey, for getting suuuper skinny

Meryl Streep, because she's in a movie

Terrence Howard, for having sex with Oprah


8. Which very busy celebrity of 2013 will become so overexposed, we refuse to write a single word about them ever again?

Your Choices Are:

Justin Timberlake, because he’s "come back" enough for like 12 comebacks already and still has another album coming

Beyonce, because we don’t like being called bitches and we were already bowing

James Franco, because homeboy seriously never sleeps

Justin Bieber, because at 19 he has already gotten more attention than the rest of the world's population combined

Kim Kardashian, because making a baby with a famous person makes her like three times more famous

All of them, and we’ll start reporting on public transportation issues


Which category do you think you have the best shot at winning?