Move over Jennifer Lawrence... Mila Kunis is ready to be everybody’s favorite girl crush.

Making the press junket rounds for Oz: The Great and Powerful, Mila sat down with BBC Radio 1’s incredibly nervous interviewer Chris Stark for what could quite possibly be the greatest interview in the history of media. He started off admitting that this was his first time interviewing a major star like Mila, then proceeded to ask her to get a drink with him and his mates once they were done! Rather than let that be as awkward as it could have been, Mila played along, interviewing Chris as much as he was interviewing her, and planning out their day together from what they'd drink to where they'd go. In other words, not your typical celebrity interview.

So forget Oz, let’s chat about "lad bombs," Watford football matches, chicken and Baywatch. Take a look and be ready for the best seven minutes of your life!

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In Chris’ defense, how many of us wouldn’t be insanely intimidated by Mila? She’s drop-dead gorgeous, has that type of personality that guys want to date and girls want to befriend, and she’s only one of the hottest celebrities around. Yeah, no pressure or anything!

Thankfully, Mila makes Chris feel right at home by telling him what a “fantastic” job he’s doing, which obviously makes him forget the whole reason he’s there in the first place. What do we learn from this chat? Mila loves Blue Moon beer, she doesn’t look good in yellow (but purple and blue she totally rocks), she can down a pint like a pro, she used to be a bartender, and fun fact: she can pour a pint with no foam (what!).

From now on, every single interview should always be like this. And here’s one simple request: can we have Mila and Jennifer interview together?

What did you think about this Mila interview? Loving it or hating it?