We already know that Miley Cyrus has been hard at work on her new album Danger Zone, but could it feature a collaboration from the next big girl group Little Mix? Maybe, possibly!

Chelsea Briggs brings you the details in today’s Hollywire Hot Minute!

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It would be a pretty epic, girl-power collab, right? The buzz around this music news started after Miley started following Little Mix on Twitter. This lead the girls to tweet Miley, “Hey @MileyCyrus! Hope ur good. We can’t wait to home to America for the first time… hopefully we’ll get to meet u soon! Little Mix xxx.”

Great move, LM – get that collab convo started! As stoked as we are about the idea of these girls all working together, it wouldn’t be the only collaboration Miley has planned for her new album. She’s been working with Pharrell Williams, Hit-Boy and Da Internz, Mary J. Blige and Tyler, the Creator!

“I wrote this song with Mary J. Blige and Tyler, the Creator heard it and said, ‘I am obsessed with this song, and I will guest on it if you promise me that you will keep it on the album,’” she told Seventeen. “And he killed it! I really didn’t want to make a hip-hop record, and I’m not trying at all to be a Rihanna or a Nicki [Minaj]… That’s not my vibe.”

Okay, back to Little Mix! What are your thoughts on Miley teaming up with the girls? Love it or hate it?