We may see a major changing of the late night guard next year.

Amidst sagging ratings for The Tonight Show and the highly unflattering reputation of being "the most hated man in television right now," NBC is reportedly gearing up to announce Jay Leno's retirement sometime in the next year. Although Jay is signed through 2014, sources have confirmed that Jimmy Fallon is the current front-runner to replace him.

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Jimmy has already been successful in the 12:35 AM time slot with Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, so he's the safest bet at success when the switch is made. It's also going to be easier to replace Jay with another star at NBC instead of poaching from a different network.

We're also betting that Jay will at least offer some input as to who should take over his spot. That means Jimmy Kimmel is a definite "no" after the ABC host has seemingly spent all of his free time bashing Jay to the press.

However, it's largely speculation at this point. Nothing is official yet and no offer has been to made to Jimmy, according to Huffington Post.

Do you think Jimmy should take over the show next year?

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