Justin Bieber needs to put his hands up where we can see them.

At least, that's what his neighbor in the swanky community of Calabasas, CA is saying. He filed a battery report that accused Justin of making physical contact and threatening him during a verbal altercation at the singer's home. Police arrived at Justin's home yesterday morning and spoke with him to investigate the matter.

Justin's home security team claims that the neighbor was fuming over parties being thrown at the house while Biebs was performing at a gig in Poland. However, the neighbor denies this and said that the late night parties were "no big deal."

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What he took issue with Justin's continued need for speed. He accused the singer of driving "unbelievably recklessly" at speeds of 100 MPH on neighborhood streets. Because spring break was in session at all the local schools, the streets were also filled with children and he claims that Justin's joyriding put the entire neighborhood at risk.

When the neighbor went to Justin's home to talk about his reckless driving, that's when the physical altercation reportedly went down. So far, there's been no word from Justin or his team on the investigation.

However, it's hardly Justin's first trip to the rodeo when it comes physical violence. He was accused of alleged assault two months ago by his former bodyguard and tried to attack a photographer during his recent worst week ever in London. He's also continued to show a total lack of disregard for fellow motorists when behind the wheel, causing traffic jams while confronting the paps and receiving numerous speeding tickets.

Do you think Justin assaulted his neighbor?

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