The Neighbourhood is changing the way music sounds and looks, one black-and-white video at a time.

Chelsea Briggs caught up with the color-averse indie pop band during their SXSW adventures in Austin, Texas to dish on bad habits, new music, reliving their first time hearing “Sweater Weather” on the radio, and seeing the world in black-and-white!

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Taking the indie world by storm, the boys of The Neighbourhood have quickly become the band that will take over the mainstream –- in black-and-white, of course. Talking about their anti-color image, Bryan explained, “It sets the mood for everything we do. For the music we put out, the art we put out –- it all has to do with the vibe we want people to have going into listening to our music.”

With their single “Sweater Weather” getting plenty of airplay on the radio, the full-length album I Love You is just the beginning for these guys. But one thing’s for sure, and that’s that The Neighbourhood’s goals will always be the same.

“If you’re putting yourself out there to be an artist in this world full of wannabe artists and true artists, then you gotta aspire to be one of the true ones,” Jesse said. “I think we’ve had that overall plan from the beginning.”

You can pick up I Love You when it comes on April 23rd!

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