Why is Nicki Minaj a famous rapper and pop star when it’s so clear she’d rather be a stripper?

The American Idol judge has stage presence to spare in French Montana’s “Freaks” video, once again stealing the spotlight as a guest rapper.

At least, we think she raps in the video ― we were, um, distracted. Let's just say our eyes were not focused on her mouth. The real guest artist here is Nicki Minaj’s Enormous Breasts, on full display as Nicki goes topless with just a jacket and pasties on.

Get an eyeful below!

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Soooo, yeah… let’s talk about this. Nicki has been stripper-rific in plenty of past videos, but isn’t this a little much? Is she in a secret bet with her “Beauty And A Beat”-mate Justin Bieber to see who can get the most naked without being totally and completely 100% naked? (And if so, who is winning?)

It’s not like we ever expect Nicki to be classy. But does she have to be this tacky?

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We don't want to get all preachy or anything, but now that Nicki's serving as a judge on Idol, it may be time to class up her image a little and stop resorting to the cheapest possible tricks to get attention. Maybe she doesn't need to be a role model, exactly, but it would be nice if her musical contribution to a song actually outweighed her breasts'...

Are you still digging Nicki's stripper-like tendencies? 

Or should she move on to a less skanky image?