Madonna has caused her share of controversies and been blamed for many things ― some of which are entirely accurate. But this?

A handful of Lady Gaga’s Little Monsters are protesting the legendary singer’s appearance at the GLAAD Awards, of all places. Why? Because apparently, she helped spread AIDS in the 80’s.

Yeah... so this is a crazy one. Madonna has been tapped to present Anderson Cooper with the Vito Russo Award at the GLAAD ceremony on March 16. Pretty cool, right?

Well, almost everyone thinks so. But some Gaga fans took to the Little Monsters website to protest, making some truly outrageous claims.

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“Dear GLAAD: It has come to the attention to Little Monsters everywhere that you are letting Madonna give an award to Anderson Cooper," they wrote. "Not only is this an insult to a true gay rights activist like Lady Gaga, but it insults every gay man and woman on this planet. Madonna is one of the major reasons for AIDS. Back in the 1980’s, she encouraged gay men to have unprotected sex. While she certainly didn’t start the disease, she and her lack of morals helped it spread.”

Whaaa? While it’s true that Madonna’s image in pop culture is highly sexualized ― peaking around the time her album Erotica came out ― it’s a pretty big stretch to say that she contributed to the spread of a disease that killed many back then.

Worse, could there be anything more hypocritical than Lady Gaga fans making this claim? Gaga has modeled herself after Madonna in more ways than one, but first and foremost with her own celebration of sex in her music. One could easily argue that Gaga’s music and image are way more promiscuous than Madonna’s was ― compare, for example, “Like A Virgin” to “Government Hooker,” and see which one is more encouraging of risky sex.

And it’s not like Gaga really specified whether or not there was a condom on that “disco stick…”

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The notice ended with a bizarre threat: “Please rethink your choice of having Madonna as a presenter. If you don’t, we Little Monsters will strike back in a way you won’t like.” Great... so not only have these people made an unfair and untrue accusation against one artist, but now they've left everyone uneasy about their retaliation. Not cool, Little Monsters.

The notice has since been taken off the Little Monsters site (no wonder), and surely Gaga herself wouldn’t approve of this sentiment or its method of delivery. It’s clear that both Madonna and Gaga are huge champions of the gay community and safe sex ― Gaga once dressed like a condom, while Madge went the more traditional route. Neither of these women is in any danger of losing their gay followings any time soon, and we don't expect GLAAD to nix Madonna's appearance just because a few cranky Little Monsters don't like her.

Do you think there's any merit to these Little Monsters' claims?

Or have they gone totally overboard?

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