Olivia Wilde learned the hard way that you don’t mess with Justin Bieber.

During JB’s “rough time” in London last week, he was spotted out and about shirtless -– in the cold! Olivia, just looking out for the 19-year-old, took to Twitter to write, "Bieber, put your f*cking shirt on. (unless you lost all your shirts in a fire in which case my condolences and please purchase a new shirt.)" As comical as her tweet was, Beliebers didn’t find it as funny and sent some pretty enraged comments her way.

Fast forward a week later: Olivia is promoting her SXSW film Drinking Buddies while chatting it up with Jay Leno on his late night talk show. Obviously the “controversial” tweet had to be brought up! Watch the star reveal the angry feedback she got from Justin’s loyal fans.

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Reading tweets like, “Are you a lesbian or are you too old?” and “Bitch, you’re not his mother” didn’t really seem to upset Olivia, as she cracked jokes the entire time while reading them. “It’s pretty much the funniest thing that’s ever happened to me because my Twitter feed is now filled with the most hilarious abuse.”

The subject was even got brought up during her chat with CNN when she joked, “I’m going to get attacked with acid. Someone’s going to throw acid in my face. If that happens, there are 35 million Beliebers that did it, so find them.”

As funny as Olivia’s reaction to the hate is, maybe it’s time the fans take their protection for their favorite star down a notch...

What do you think about the reaction Olivia received? Hilarious or kind of scary?