What is Harry Styles’ ultimate snack? And where do the members of One Direction stand on the cookie vs. cream debate?

These may seem like silly questions, but thanks to their North American tour sponsor Nabisco, we find out the answers to these (plus plenty more hard-hitting questions) in these behind-the-scenes videos of their snack time photo shoot!

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While we all know that Harry is totally lying when it comes to his claim that he “invented” the whole idea of putting cheese on Ritz crackers, his favorite snack does sound pretty tasty! Ritz cracker, cheese and a pickle? Does it get any better than that?

America’s favorite cookie –- the Oreo, duh! -– sparked a heated debate between 1D when they had to take sides on whether they prefer the cookie or the cream. By the looks of it, Louis has a bit of a competitive side, don’t you think?

Regardless of where they stand on this cookie issue, fans are getting antsy for the North American dates of One Direction’s Take Me Home World Tour on June 8th. And while things got off to a rough start for the boys in general –- with Harry getting hit in the crotch and all –- it sounds like everything has been smooth sailing since.

What was your favorite part of the One Direction Nabisco videos?

And are you on Team Cookie or Team Cream?