Lindsay Lohan is getting locked up ― in rehab! The Liz & Dick star agreed to a plea deal today to stay in a “locked rehab facility” for 90 days, thanks to her car crash on the Pacific Coast Highway back in June.

Along with her treatment, she’ll also complete 30 days of community service and 18 months of psychotherapy. “She is to do 90 days at a locked rehab facility,” the judge explained. “She is not allowed to leave the facility at all.”

Along with that, he stressed one piece of advice that wasn’t a part of the plea deal: “Don’t drive. You’re in New York. You don’t need to drive.” (Basically he told her what we’ve all been thinking.)

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Reminding Lindsay that she won’t be getting any second or third chances, he said, “You really need to understand… This is it… Please take this seriously.”

All things considered, Lindsay's lucky. 90 days in rehab is getting off reasonably easy. She pleaded not guilty to the three misdemeanors from the accident ― reckless driving, lying to police and obstructing officers from performing their duties ― which could have landed herself behind bars. Also: considering she’s still on probation from her jewelry theft case back in 2011, she’s actually very, very lucky!

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Lindsay’s long stream of troubles has been following her for years and here are some facts to put it all into perceptive: she’s appeared in court at least 20 times, violated her probation six times, been sentenced to 9 months in jail, spent two weeks behind bars in six trips to the Los Angeles County jail, served 35 days under house arrest, and worked 67 days of community service at the county morgue... where her film career currently resides.

Lindsay, let’s take the judge's advice this time and take this seriously!

What do you think about Lindsay heading to rehab? Will this finally help her?

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