New character posters for the next Hunger Games movie Catching Fire are all over the internet today, featuring everyone from Effie to Johanna Mason to Beetee. (We got a look at Miss Everdeen herself yesterday.)

But naturally, we’re most excited about the dashing gentlemen of Panem, especially now that Finnick is joining returning Hunger Games hunks Peeta and Gale.

So which of these lookers are you most excited to see in the new movie? It’s a tough contest, because forget the Girl On Fire for a second ― all three of these boys are on fire!

Take a look at the posters after the jump and decide who the victor in your own personal Hunger Games should be. Yes, it will probably be the toughest decision you've made in 2013.

First up is Gale, loyal Gale, looking all casual and Gale-ish, like he's just sitting around waiting for Katniss to get home. (Or possibly Miley Cyrus.) Luckily, Liam Hemsworth has a little more to do in the later installments in the series than just watch the Hunger Games on TV.

Next up, Peeta! Josh Hutcherson looks quite dashing as Katniss' husband-to-be... the baker cleans up nicely, it seems!

And of course, Sam Claflin as Finnick, the new guy in Katniss' life. Sure, they don't exactly have a romance in the book beyond some mild flirtation, but it never helps to add one more good-looking guy to the mix to shake things up for the sequel.

So who's your pick?

And how do you feel about waiting until Thanksgiving to see these boys in action?