And this is why Pink is awesome.

During her hometown concert last Sunday in Philadelphia, a fight broke out near a little girl, which caused her to start crying in fear. Pink was in the middle of performing "Who Knew", but stopped the song midway through to check on the young fan. "Is everything okay right here? Is this little girl all right? What's going on? Why is she crying? Why is she upset?" said Pink, clearly in full-on mom mode.

When concertgoers in front informed Pink why the girl was crying, her reaction was sheer disgust. "You all are fighting around a little girl? C'mon... all right, all right, I know, everyone's about to fight. I know, I'm from here."

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The singer then made a peace offering. "Honey, do you want this frog and this Rice Krispie treat," she asked. (Side note: Pink has Rice Krispie treats just sitting around?) The little girl was brought up to the stage to accept the gifts and the rocking show resumed shortly after. "Are we okay now? Cut it out, y'all. We're grown-ass women," she said.

It seems that being a mom to 21-month-old Willow Sage Hart has done wonders in mellowing out the former wild child.

Check out the incident for yourself!

What do you think of Pink stopping the show to help out a crying child?

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