The leader of the free world has more important things on his mind than which fictional references belong to Star Trek and which belong to Star Wars.

And with J.J. Abrams directing the newest big screen entries in both franchises, is there really that big of a difference?

The answer from the fanboy community is, not surprisingly, a resounding “YES!” Many citizens took to Twitter calling for an impeachment of the president (jokingly, we hope) over an error Barack Obama made when trying to speak geek.

And it’s not the first time politics and pop culture have failed to get along this week.

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Barack's mix-up was a result of Obama’s discussion of how he couldn’t telepathically force Republican congress members to reject the budget sequestration bill. He meant to say “Jedi mind tricks,” but instead said “Jedi mind meld.” (Mind meld is a term from Star Trek.)

A pretty simple slip-up, right? Wrong. The internet freaked out over the swap. “Jedi mind TRICK, not meld. Impeach this clown,” was one Twitter user’s response, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Another tweeted:  “Obama just said ‘Jedi mindmeld.’ What's next, Klingon lightsabers? #Shame #Impeach.”

Of course, most of the reactions seemed to be in jest, but the fact remains ― Obama is way too cool and way too busy to get his nerdy sci-fi references right. And honestly, we wouldn’t want him to be too immersed in this Star stuff, because the politics of Star Wars were just wacky, and we don't need him getting any ideas. He has more important things to worry about, you guys!

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Of course, the Obamas had one other major pop culture moment this week. As the most celebrity-like First Couple since the Kennedys, perhaps it shouldn’t have been a surprise to see Michelle Obama reading Best Picture at the Oscars. But it kind of was.

Many viewers, both liberal and conservative, thought her appearance was a little beneath her, and possibly tacky. (Mostly, we were just confused about all those suited minions she had standing around.)

She took to Today to address the flack, saying: “We live in a time when there are bloggers and tweeters and 24-hour news and everyone has a voice in this town square, and it’s a big one.  That means at any point at a given time, somebody’s not going to like what you do. That’s just the nature of things.”

So, does that settle that? Or should the Obamas worry less about being pop culturally savvy and stick to politics?

Can you forgive Barack for his blunder? Or are you, too, calling for impeachment?