After the crazy conclusion of Season Three of Pretty Little Liars aired last week, we're left with even more questions and confusion about what's actually going on in Rosewood, and it looks like we aren't getting all the answers any time soon!

Although the cast has just begun filming the show's fourth season, which will air this summer, Pretty Little Liars has already been picked up for a fifth season, meaning we've got at least two more years full of secrets and lies. Additionally, ABC Family announced that PLL will get a spin-off series to debut this October -- WHAT?!

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The new series is called Ravenswood and will air after PLL's annual Halloween episode. It comes to us from the same executive producers as Pretty Little Liars, so there's bound to be some crazy plot lines and twists. No word yet on which, if any, characters from the original show will be making an apperance, but we do know that Ravenswood is a town near Rosewood, filled with just as many secrets.

According to Entertainment Weekly, a release for the show says that Ravenswood has "suffered a deadly curse for generations" and that "five strangers suddenly find themselves connected by this fatal curse and need to dig into the town's mysterious and terrible history before it's too late for each of them."

Now, believe me, I'm all for Pretty Little Liars, but after just three seasons it's already hard to keep up with everything going on in that show! Five seems like enough to fill all the storylines and answer all the questions, especially since it seems PLL fans will be equally invested in Ravenswood.

Do you think the PLL producers are taking it too far?