A Rocket to the Moon’s Nick Santino is clearing up those dating rumors involving his BFF Debby Ryan! So, are they or aren’t they?

Chelsea Briggs sat down with the frontman to get the dirt on his relationship with Debby, along with their recent music video “Ever Enough” (guaranteed to move anyone who watches) and ARTTM’s long-awaited new album Wild & Free!

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In A Rocket to the Moon’s video for “Ever Enough,” Nick and Debby travel from the dessert to a chapel in Las Vegas while being, not coincidentally, wild and free. But guys, these two are strictly best buds! “I’ve honestly had a girlfriend for eight years… so if that clears anything up,” Nick laughed. “We’re just really good friends, which is awesome. It’s cool to have somebody like that.”

A Rocket to the Moon is gearing up for the release of their new album, which has been four years in the making! Nick explains changes the band has made over the years. “We grew up a bit, our music is a little bit more mature and our fans grew up with us. We’re excited for our fans to hear it.”

With Wild & Free dropping on March 26th (!!), it’s clear that Nick and the guys are more than proud of their creation. “I think it’s real and there’s something on there for everybody, which is amazing,” he said. “That’s what we wanted to do when we wrote it, was to have an album that a kid could listen to but also listen to in the car with their parents.”

Make sure to pick up Wild & Free when it drops on March 26th, but until then, let’s watch our current music video obsession: A Rocket to the Moon’s “Ever Enough,” shall we?

What are you most excited to hear when Wild & Free drops?