Maybe Christina Aguilera shouldn’t come back to The Voice, since it looks like Shakira might be the greatest judge the show’s ever had.

NBC released a new promo for the show’s March 25th return, and now it's clear that Season Four is bound to a feisty one thanks to the Colombian judge.

Watch the clip and find out why Shakira will be the judge to fight for on the new season of The Voice!

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Don’t get us wrong, we love Xtina and all her outrageous hats, even though she sometimes forget to wear pants. And yes, she knows those big power-house voices when she hears them. But allow us to explain the reasons why we're digging Shakira as a judge onThe Voice.

1. She’s the Prettiest Judge

“I know she’s a lot prettier than I am…” – Adam

“Here, Here!” – Blake

Obviously the male contestants will be drawn to Shakira’s beauty and clearly Adam and Blake are intimidated –- as they should be, of course.


2. World Domination

“You can take the world by storm and I want to help you with that because I already did.”

Now, if that’s not a humble brag to the other three judges, we don’t know what is...

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3. She Brings the Tears

A contestant started crying while Shakira just talked to her. Did that ever happen with any of the other judges? Yeah, we didn’t think so.


4. She's a 5’3" Firecracker

If you thought Blake was the comedic genius of the show, he better move out of the way for this chick. Throwing out witty comments like, “These two guys, three seasons already -– they’re almost deaf” and mocking the style of the three men proves she can hold her own.


5. The Nail in the Coffin

How would you feel if you were up on stage, having the judges praise you, and Shakira gets up out of her red chair to come give you a hug out of nowhere? You would probably pick her, right? As Usher said, “And there’s the nail in the coffin.”


Which judge are you most excited to see when The Voice returns?