Spring Breakers is turning out to be the most highly-anticipated movie of 2013 (you can’t deny that) and as it turns out, the soundtrack might be the best of the year as well.

The album in its entirety is available for a listen and since it was put together by the reigning EDM King Skrillex, it’s obviously a must-hear! So, how is it?

Chelsea Briggs breaks down the tunes in today’s Hollywire Hot Minute!

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Scoring the Spring Breakers soundtrack is right up Skrillex’s alley -– especially considering the dark tone of the movie. But don’t expect to hear all electric-type music throughout the entire film! He brought in hip-hop names such as Rick Ross, Wacka Flocka Flame and Gucci Man to give it a heavy rap feel as well.

Even though Skrillex split from his talented girlfriend Ellie Goulding, there are no hard feelings between the two, considering he used her single “Lights” as the finale for this well-rounded soundtrack. With such dark and twisted songs, ending it on a fun note with “Lights” kind of throws us for a loop.

What do you think about Skrillex scoring the Spring Breakers soundtrack?

Is it a good match or should someone else have been picked?