Happy (almost) spring!

The first day of the fresh and flowery season kicks off on Wednesday, when everyone removes their winter layers and collectively discovers that all of America went to the gym and got a tattoo over the last three months. It's also that time of year when there really is no excuse to still have old boxes stacked up in a corner and dust bunnies under the bed, because with some sunlight streaming in, people will see your slobbiness.

But when it comes to spring cleaning, some celebrities should forget about sprucing up their houses and take a look at themselves first.

Check out our list of 11 celebrities who seem long overdue for a bath!

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1. Robert Pattinson

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Robert is normally very well put together, but it looks like his alleged breakup to Kristen Stewart has resulted in some grungy moments.

2. Britney Spears

Britney has never come close to reaching the disheveled levels of 2007, but her millions of dollars can't prevent her from looking a bit white trash when she's frequently photographed running errands. Seriously, with all that money, this is what you choose to wear?

3. Lindsay Lohan

Where do you even start with this one? Late nights of partying often fail to result in a shower the next morning...

4. Courtney Love

Courtney has needed a bath for the better part of 20 years, but let's just say age has not been kind to her in recent years.

5. Russell Brand

Does Russell wash his hair with Pennzoil? Also, we can tell just by looking at him that he probably doesn't wear deodorant, which makes his wife beater fashion style infinitely worse.

6. Kristen Stewart

Yep, we're wondering why you left the house looking that grungy, too. Perhaps she stopped washing her hair to give her more excuses to constantly run her hands through it.

7. Jermaine Jacksun (formerly Jermaine Jackson)

Chris Rock summed up Jermaine's appearance during an early 2000s stand-up performance by calling him "the greasiest ni**a you've ever seen. Just glistening. Like Patrick Ewing in the fourth quarter." In lieu of taking a close examination ourselves, we will take his word for it.

8. Colin Farrell

Colin's dirty looks certainly haven't hurt him with the ladies, but he'd likely be just another pale Irishman if he ever jumped in the shower.

9. Wes Scantlin

Remember the lead singer from Puddle of Mudd? How the mighty have fallen. At least he got the name of his band quite right...

10. Courtney Stodden

Courtney's senior citizen hubby Doug Hutchison doesn't seem to think that Courtney is dirty, but Doug is not the rest of America.

11. Ke$ha

We don't care if you brush your teeth with a bottle of Jack. Just wash yourself with soap and water once in a while...

Which celebrity do you think is in most dire need of a bath?

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