Nicholas Hoult may be busy offing some seriously tall guys in Jack The Giant Slayer (out today), but when he’s done, he may want to head to Hollywood to continue picking off these big guys. While many leading men are known for being notoriously tiny (so that there’s height difference between him and a female co-star), a few major names in the biz measure up to well above six feet tall.

Here are some of Hollywood’s biggest players (literally)!


1. Brad Garrett (6’8”)

You won’t miss this guy in a crowded room. The Everybody Loves Raymond star has a distinct voice that matches his unique height, which is why he often lends his talent to animated projects ― where they don’t have to worry about him dwarfing his co-stars.

2. James Cromwell (6’7”)

His most famous co-star is the adorable sheep-pig from Babe. Next to a little piglet, pretty much any guy would like a giant ― but Farmer Hoggett really was one at this height!

3. Dwayne Johnson (6’5”)

They don’t call him The Rock for nothing. The guy was pretty much destined to become a wrestler and action movie star with this beefy frame.

4. Tim Robbins (6’5”)

The Shawshank Redemption star has the distinction of being the Tallest Academy Award-Winning Actor. (But no, they don’t give you a separate Oscar for that.)

5. Tyler Perry (6’5”)

Tyler is most famous for playing a little old lady ― but a very big little old lady. Madea’s not-so-feeble physicality is part of what makes her so funny.

6. Armie Hammer (6’5”)

There was 12’10” of him in The Social Network, since David Fincher had him doubled to play both Winklevoss twins. Regardless of height, we’ll happily take two, please.

7. Joe Manganiello (6’5”)

A certain part of his body was sizeable when he played Big Dick Richie in Magic Mike. No wonder, since the actor playing him is pretty massive, too.

8. Alexander Skarsgard (6’4”)

True Blood is not a place for the stature-challenged, apparently. The bad boy vampire towers over Sookie at 6-foot-4.

9. Jason Segel (6’4”)

The Muppets funnyman towers a full foot over his recent ex Michelle Williams ― maybe that’s what they meant by “long-distance relationship.”

10. Jeff Goldblum (6’4”)

The lanky star of Jurassic Park and Independent Day isn’t surprising to find on this list ― his height is one of his best-known qualities as an actor.

11. Jared Padalecki (6’4”)

Jared isn’t quite so tall that it’s Supernatural… but he does have an extra inch or two than we expected.

12. Liam Neeson (6’4”)

No wonder the guy has been able to implausibly fight off so many bad guys (and wolves!) in his recent years with roles in Taken and The Grey. Would you want to mess with a guy who’s 6’4”?

13. Conan O’Brien (6’4”)

Like many of Hollywood’s tall boys, Conan comes in at 6’4”. But we’re not sure if that’s with or without the extra couple inches of hair.

14. Jason Momoa (6’4”)

You don't hire a shorty to play Conan The Barbarian.

15. Chris & Liam Hemsworth (6’3”-4”)

There’s some discrepancy as to how tall these strapping lads really are, but Chris is clearly the tallest of his Avengers co-stars, and Liam towers above his fiancée Miley Cyrus. When you look up "genetically blessed" in the dictionary, these are the guys you find staring back at you.

Which of Hollywood's tallest leading men is your fave?

Photos Courtesy of Fameflynet