Having technical difficulties on stage during a live concert can be an unimaginable nightmare for a musician. Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran experienced just that during their duet of “Everything Has Changed” while on road for the Red Tour. It’s definitely awkward but the two handled it like pros!

Chelsea Briggs shows you what went down in today’s Hollywire Hot Minute!

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Everything seemed to be going fine during the song until Ed’s earpiece unexpectedly went out, causing the two to get completely out of sync. Keeping the song going, Taylor is seen talking to Ed to help him out and goes off stage to get it fixed. What a pal!

The best part is when Taylor addressed the issue with the audience and said, “Live shows, ladies and gentlemen!” with the crowd cheering the two on. There’s no better place to have something like this happen than in front of thousands of people who love and admire you. The crowd totally had their backs!

The Red Tour has only just begun and will continue on until September.

What do you guys think about this little mess up? And how about how they handled it?