From press appearances to red carpet events to live performances all over the world, traveling is a major part of any celebrity's life. Twitter has become a great platform for said celebrities to share their experiences, positive or negative, during these excursions.

For this week's Trending Tuesday, we're rounding up recent celeb tweets about travel, from pretty skylines to frustration in traffic. Check out what our favorite traveling stars are saying!

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Liam Payne: : Bored as ... Stuck in traffic, am I everrr gunnaaaa get thereeee

Olly Murs: Back in london for the day today 2 TV performances lined up!!! Before we head down to Brighton for 2 days! Buzzing on seeing my mates!!

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Cody Simpson: departing my hotel room in London, heading out to the O2 Arena for the show. I hit the stage at 8 

Justin Bieber:  In a good mood. Got my friends and team with me here and ready for Day 1 at the O2. London get ready! #BELIEVEtour

Carly Rae Jepsen: Loved tonight! Thank you LONDON <3

Rihanna: In London launching my #RihannaForRiverIsland collection tonight at Oxford Street! #phuckyoclothingline

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Taylor Swift: Stuck in traffic behind myself

Ashley Greene: It's always amazes me how it can take you 3 times as long to travel the exact same route you always do, depending on the time of day

Joe Jonas: Hello Brazil!

Kevin Jonas: Argentina you have been incredible thank you for the memories! #jonas2013

Nick Jonas: Who's coming to the show in Curitiba tonight? Looking forward to playing here again.

Shay Mitchell: And back to LA I am :) See you again soon Philippines

Adam Levine: Damn Nebraska! You made us feel incredible tonight! We are so blown away! #overexposednorthamericantour

Emmy Rossum: Honey, I'm hoooome! Just landed in NYC. 28 degrees & chilled to the bone in my hometown. Excited to see my family & visit friends this week!

Where would you want to travel with your fave celeb?