After seven seasons of The Apprentice and six seasons of Celebrity Apprentice, are Donald Trump and Co. about to bow out on unlucky number 13?

The recent ratings for the debut of the "All-Star" season were down 38 percent from last year, resulting in the show's lowest rated premiere ever. The bad behavior and crazy antics of the cast have hardly changed this season, so why are fans deciding to tune out this time around?

Check out our reasons for why this long-standing franchise may soon be getting fi-yahed.

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1. Donald's Behavior

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There's no nice way to say it: Donald is gross. Plain and simple. Not just for his attention-seeking "Obamashell" antics last fall and outrageous upcoming lawsuit against Bill Maher, but also for sexist comments that make Seth MacFarlane seem like Gloria Steinem. During the season premiere, former Playboy model Brande Roderick reveals that she got down on her knees and begged to be Project Manager for the task. "That must be some sight, you dropping to your knees," said Trump. Ick.

2. The Show's Infomercial Qualities

Product placement is hardly unique in reality television, but it was overkill on the last season of the show. A task revolving around Crystal Light led to every celebrity talking on camera about how great the drink tasted. Unless NBC wants to move the show to 2 AM, save the infomercial stuff for when everyone is asleep.

3. The "All-Star" Season Has No Stars

Most of the "stars" this season were eliminated within the first couple of episodes during their first go-around on Celebrity Apprentice. It's obvious that the show was forced to turn to Plan D and is now trying to convince us that a girl who used to hold a briefcase on Deal Or No Deal (Claudia Jordan), a Playboy model from 20 years ago (Brande Roderick) and an actress that's only done one film in the last 15 years (Marilu Henner) are "stars." Donald was even forced to get Omarosa out of her refrigerator box dwelling and make another appearance.

4. It's (Allegedly) Rigged

All the cast members reportedly picked Clay Aiken to win last season, yet Arsenio Hall was crowned champion. It was then revealed that Donald was helping Arsenio land another talk show. When Joan Rivers won in 2009 and immediately landed a TV show called How'd You Get So Rich?, it was revealed that the executive producer for Celebrity Apprentice was also producing that show. It's clear that the show is less about who does the best job and more about who Donald wants to win. Case in point: firing Bret Michaels on the first episode of this season because he "has already won the show before." Really?

5. The Show Has Run Its Course

A show lasting 13 seasons is nothing to be ashamed of. Even juggernaut programs like American Idol eventually lose steam. If The Donald gets fired, he can take heart in the fact that it happens to everyone in television eventually...

Do you think this will be the last season of the show?

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