And just when Britney Spears seemed to be getting her life kind of together again, her wax figurine looks ready to completely fall apart.

There have been moments recently when Britney has answered a question so robotically or appeared so stiff in a public appearance that we might suspect her of actually being wax. But next to this newest figure, unveiled today at Madame Tussauds in New York City, well, real Britney is as animated as can be!

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Granted, Madame Tussauds wax celebrities are probably more often unsettling than they are lifelike, but there’s something particularly unnerving about this Britney. Maybe it’s because we’ve seen that desperate glint in her eye, witnessed her outrageous cries for help back in 2007 ― and ever since, it’s been hard to tell if Britney is really okay.

So just what is so awkward about Wax Britney? Well, wax figures don’t fidget ― (or do they? Secretly? At night?) ― but Wax Britney has her hands behind her back, which is a pose people typically do when they’re uncomfortable and don’t know what to do with their hands. Despite the fact that Wax Britney was sculpted specifically to be photographed endlessly with fans, she appears to have a slight case of social anxiety.

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Also, Wax Britney is smiling ― but could that smile be any more forced? Wax Britney’s fragile “smile” looks more like her teeth are gritted to stop the screaming within from becoming external. Wax Britney looks like she just can’t wait to get home so she can shave her head again.

She also looks like she’s just about ready to bite somebody.

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Seriously, watch out, buddy... Wax Britney is about to snap!

Yes, this Wax Britney looks prepared to dive face-first back into the deep end (with her X Factor gig over, should she volunteer for Splash?), which would be understandable for a Wax Britney made circa 2008. But shouldn’t 2013’s Wax Britney be a little more stable?

Or does this Wax Britney reveal the vulnerable state of the true Britney? Is it a harbinger of Britney meltdowns to come?

Only Wax Britney knows for sure…

(At the very least, the new Wax Britney is less awkward than this one.)

Will you be haunted by Wax Britney in your dreams tonight?

Photos Courtesy of Fameflynet