Justin Timberlake might as well be the king of the world with his recent comeback in the music industry, dominating with his new sound and dropping his hotly-anticipated album The 20/20 Experience. After a huge week, he continues to keep giving us more by dropping the 8-minute long music video for “Mirrors,” but we want to know what you think about it!

Chelsea Briggs shows you the vid in today’s Hollywire Hot Minute!

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Dedicated to JT's grandparents, “Mirrors” tells the story of a couple from the moment they meet all the way until they’re older, showing their love throughout it all.

And as if this week wasn’t crazy enough for JT, with his album expected to sell over 750,000 by week's end, his manager Johnny Wright drops even more exciting news about his upcoming solo tour! “Yeah. Probably he’ll go out sometimes this fall,” Johnny explained. “We haven’t routed that yet or figured out what cities we’re going to play. I know we’ll start in North America first. But again, our focus is getting the album out and getting the Jay/Justin piece done. And I would say sometime in April/May we’ll announce when Justin is going to put his own solo tour out.”

What do you think about Justin’s new video and comeback to music so far?