Who doesn’t love a good Ryan Gosling throwback? Before being elected as the world’s sexiest man (even if People doesn’t think so), he was causing young girls everywhere to swoon during his Mickey Mouse Club days.  

In this clip, Ryan gives us a look around his hometown of Cornwall, Ontario, along with showing off his bongo skills at a local music store. While he may have grown in the height department since then, this guy knew he was bound to succeed in the looks department in a few years.

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Here at Hollywire, obviously we’re big fans of the Gos, whipping up an article every time he saves a woman’s life (swoon) or, you know, breathes. But when we catch wind of a Ryan throwback, we’re all over it! Like when he landed his gig on The Mickey Mouse Club and did a spot on the morning news show Canada AM, denim button up and all.

Or what about this video of Ryan showing off his fancy footwork and vocal chops for a talent show? Did we mention he’s always wearing Hammer pants? Yeah, you’re welcome.

Let’s sum this up real quick: Ryan, you’ve always had swag and you’ve always had our hearts, from age 10 to now. You win. Forever.

Which of these Ryan throwbacks is your favorite?