Forgive our excitement there, but gosh, we’ve only been waiting seven years for new episodes of Arrested Development. Now they’re almost here! The iconic comedy series made stars out of Jason Bateman, Michael Cera, Will Arnett, and more, not to mention spawned all sorts of pop culture references that those in-the-know are still dropping to this very day. Tobias, Maeby, George-Michael and the rest are returning to our TV screens via Netflix on May 26, and we’re about to have vodka and a piece of toast to celebrate.

Take a look at the new character posters and clip below! Tough call, but we had to pick these as our three favorites...

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Though we still have a month to go before we can watch the Bluths back in action, the good news is that all the new episodes will be going up at once to allow for maximum binge-watching. (Seriously, people will be racing to be the first to see the whole season at the exact second it premieres.) Unlike previous seasons, Season Four episodes will primarily focus on one individual member of the Bluth clan per episode until the finale, with 15 episodes in total.

You can catch the full roster of character posters here, and the first clip from Season Four over at EW!

Are you going to check out Season Four of Arrested Development next month?