If the drama in Jane Got A Gun is even 10% as tantalizing as what’s happened behind the scenes, expect it to win an Oscar in just about every category next year.

First, the cast was shaken up when Michael Fassbender exited the projected, prompting co-star Joel Edgerton to switch roles and take Michael’s part. Then, director Lynn Ramsey decided to just, you know, not show up for the first day of shooting, leading to a frenzied search for a last-minute replacement director.

But if you were dismayed that Michael Fassbender’s exit meant that the film starring Joel Edgerton, Natalie Portman, and Jude Law was absent one hunky leading man, have no fear. The latest on this movie ensures, at the very least, that this movie will have one hot poster.

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So yeah. There really aren’t many leading men out there with the looks, the chops, and the red-hot buzz to keep this lineup looking so very, very good. But they managed to find one. Adding this year’s Oscar nominee Bradley Cooper to the mix ensures that Jane Got A Gun still has the hottest cast around.

Not too shabby!

We’re not sure how Bradley even has time to shoot this movie, given the many, many other projects he’s been associated with lately. Regardless, there’s more and more reason to get excited ― the film is directed by Gavin O’Conner, who previously showed expertise at directing multiple very attractive men in the Tom Hardy/Joel Edgerton fight movie Warrior.

Jane Got A Gun is a Western starring Natalie as a woman striving to save her wounded husband from outlaws ― with the help of her ex. Sounds pretty enticing with this cast, right?

Who's your favorite member of this red-hot cast?

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