Amanda Bynes is lashing out at the media (again), taking to Twitter to clear up the strange behavior that has made headlines these past couple weeks. Along with that, she also told her thousands of followers about her struggle with an eating disorder.

"I'm suing certain blogs and magazines saying I have a mental illness! They take pictures anytime I've gained weight then write a fake story!" she tweeted late Thursday night. "I have an eating disorder so I have a hard time staying thin.”

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She continued, “They write a news article about every tweet I write and I hate the pictures they choose. They repeat what I tweet then add a bad photo. Only use photos from my twitter when writing an article about me. I don't read articles written about me unless I give an interview for a magazine. They're fake! Don't trust what u read on sites!"

Asking the media to only use photos from her social media site is kind of a strange request and one that many will certainly not take seriously. But for this, we'll do as she asks. All of this comes after Amanda’s, um, graphic tweet to Drake and claiming that a woman is walking about New York City pretending to be her. Wait, what?

After photos surfaced of what looked like a red-headed Amanda walking the street of NYC — cheek piercings and all — she took to Twitter to claim that that it wasn’t even her. “My hair blonde, I’ve never been a redhead!” she wrote and then deleted. “Somebody keeps posing as me! Check my photos on Twitter for up to date pictures!”

All of this is getting more and more bizarre, but if someone is actually walking around pretending to be Amanda, maybe we’re worrying about the wrong person.

What do you think about Amanda’s Twitter rant?

And is everyone being too harsh on her?