American Idol's Top 7 thrashed to some rock & roll jams last night, but it seems that love songs are being played behind the scenes. 

In montages before each performance, everyone was asked to dish on their fellow contestants. And when it came time to talk about Amber Holcomb, Burnell Thomas more or less declared his love for her on national television (I mean, can you blame him? Have you seen Amber?). But wait! The plot thickens.

Hollywire caught up with the contestants after the show, and both Burnell and Amber talked with us about the potential romance. 

"I don't want people to this it's a crush, because a crush only involves one person," Burnell told Hollywire with a smirk. "Everything we do, every conversation we have, it doesn't involve singing. I feel like it's basically just us." Awww. Pretty cute, Burnell. Pretty, prettyyyy, prettyyyyyy cute.

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And Amber was equally coy, but hinted at her feelings when we asked her about Burnell's confession of love. "He's a really nice guy. I like Burnell a lot. The feeling is mutual."

But when we chatted with Lazaro Arbos after the show, he didn't mince words. In fact, he nearly outed the romance entirely. "I love the fact that they are going out--" Lazaro said before backtracking, "Or wait, I mean, that he likes her and she likes him." Hmm. 

While the jury is still out on this potentially adorable showmance, Amber's performance was a sure thing. She brought down the house with her killer rendition of Heart's "What About Love."  

Nicki Minaj called it her favorite performance of the night, and the audience seemed to agree. And those skin-tight leather short shorts with her spiked stacked heels certainly added to her rockstar aura. (I'm sure Burnell wasn't mad about that fashion choice either.)

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Our other faves of the night, you ask? Even though Kree Harrison was in lots of pain due to a pinched nerve (the poor thing could barely lift her right arm!), her effortlessly beautiful voice and mesmerizing stage presence carried her through an incredible performance of Janice Joplin's "Piece of My Heart."

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Finally, judge favorite Candice Glover pulled out a showstopping version of The Rolling Stones classic "Satisfaction." This week, the rock songs tended to overpower the vocals, making many of the contestants' performances underwhelming. But this show made one thing clear: NOTHING can drown out Candice's incredible voice.

Burnell was probably the weakest of the night, with his underwhelming performance of Bon Jovi's "You Give Love a Bad Name." 

The judges didn't bash the performance too hard, but they certainly weren't impressed. His duet with Candice may have saved him from the chopping block, but he's definitely vulnerable. We hope for his sake he stays on at least one more week so he can lock Amber down. 

Do you think Amber and Burnell make a cute couple?

And who do you think deserves to get the boot this week?