Could it be true? Is One Direction’s Zayn Malik engaged to Little Mix’s Perrie Edwards? This is the latest rumor surrounding the pop star couple and we’re here to crack the case!

Chelsea Briggs brings you the latest in today’s Hollywire Hot Minute!

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Alright, calm down Directioners. This news is absolutely not true. But how did this even begin? Well, Perrie made a joke during a recent radio interview when she was asked about the most romantic thing a boy has ever done for her. “I got proposed to,” she replied, but not without adding Zayn’s name real quick at the end.

While Directioners’ hearts practically stopped beating for a split second, she admitted that it was all a joke, but not without Jesy admitting that Perrie will definitely be the first to tie the knot. “Perrie will be the first of us to get engaged, Zayn definitely seems like the kind of person who’s gonna ask her to marry him soon. He’s an early bloomer,” she said. “They’re just like a married couple anyway. They’ve got a dog and they literally dress in the same clothes.”

Here’s one thing that is definitely true -- Zayn and Perrie seem as happy as can be in their relationship, celebrating their one year anniversary in Paris. Now, if we weren’t jealous enough of Perrie, that just took it to another level.

What do you think about Zerrie?

Will the two get married, or not a chance?