There’s no better place to get noticed than SXSW in Austin, Texas, and that’s exactly where breakout blues rockers Tyler Bryant and the Shakedown were earlier this year.

After catching the boys performing tracks off their debut album Wild Child, we got the chance to catch up with the fellas, courtesy of Walmart Risers, as they talked about performing on Sixth Street, their debut album and artistic influences!

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Having been together for a few years, Tyler Bryant and the Shakedown have been on the road, gaining fans along the way with their epic live shows. “We’re definitely a live band,” they said. “We go out and make fans on the road, and so we’ve been touring for a few years without a full-length album, and so now that we finally have an album we’re seeing people coming to shows singing along -– like we stop playing and they’re singing. And so it’s really cool to kind of experience that.”

Speaking of finally having a full-length album, one aspect that was important to them was creating a real piece of music, auto-tune free. “We went in and we tracked it completely live in 13 days to two-inch tape,” they said. “There’s no autotune. It’s just a band with their instruments and their voices. That’s how all of our favorite records were made so we wanted to kind of follow that path.”

To catch a full performance from Tyler Bryant and the Shakedown, head here!

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