Here’s one scuffle nobody would expect: Ashton Kutcher and a security guard at a country music festival. But surprisingly, that definitely happened.

It’s being reported that Ashton got into it with a guard at Stagecoach in Indio, CA over the weekend after the actor was approached by a fan. No, this isn’t a story about how Ashton didn’t want anything to do with his fans -– actually, the complete opposite.

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TMZ reports that Ashton was in the VIP area of the festival when a woman came up to him to meet him and shake his hand. As the star went to greet the fan, a guard intervened and shoved the both of them.

That one move turned into a shoving match between the two, which caused Ashton’s friends to hold him back. Word is that the guard demanded he be kicked out of the festival, but Ashton ended up leaving on his own.

As crazy as this is, we’re kind of confused: what caused the guard to interrupt a meet-and-greet like that? Clearly Ashton was all for saying hi to his fan since eyewitnesses say that it wasn’t Ashton that started it and the guard was “overzealous and out of line.” Could he have been a bit overprotective of the star or what?

What do you think about Ashton’s Stagecoach fight?

And what would cause the guard to act like that?

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