After winning the Oscar playing Abraham Lincoln, we thought it would be awhile before Daniel Day-Lewis returned to the screen ― especially to play another president in a Steven Spielberg biopic.

But the acclaimed thespian totally surprises us by perfectly embodying sitting commander-in-chief Barack Obama, of all people, in Spielberg’s upcoming drama.

Watch below to see how Daniel Day-Lewis transforms into Obama ― you won’t believe it!

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Okay, no ― Daniel Day-Lewis is not actually playing Barack Obama in an upcoming movie. That’s Obama himself, playing Daniel Day-Lewis playing Obama.

This little sketch from the White House Correspondents’ Dinner did have us busting up, though, with Obama willing to poke fun at his looks, the way he talks, his actions in office, and his demeanor. Not every president would be game for that! (But it just makes Obama all that much cooler.)

“If I were him, I’d be mad all the time!” Daniel Day-Obama jokes about the president’s unflappable demeanor. Yes, this is pretty awesome.

What'd you think of Obama's acting?