If Beyonce and Jay-Z were thinking they could flee the country for a quiet anniversay celebration, they were sorely mistaken.

The couple celebrated five years of marriage by heading to Cuba, of all places, where they were promptly mobbed by fans in the capital city of Havana and police were called in to intervene. With both accompanied by their mothers, even going out to eat at a local restaurant turned into a spectacle as hundreds of fans stood outside of the balcony where they ate their meal.

Surrounded by bodyguards and excited fans, the pair later took a tour of colonial Old Havana and Beyonce posed for pictures with local kids.

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It's unclear why the pair chose Cuba as an anniversary destination and even more unclear as to how they were allowed in the country. State-run website CubaSi called their visit a tourist trip, but the U.S. has had a 51-year embargo in Cuba that prohibits U.S. citizens from visiting Cuba for tourism.

Barack Obama eased many of the travel restrictions in 2011, but tourists still need a special visa or be part of an organized tour to be allowed in the country. Tens of thousands of Americans have traveled to Cuba since then on academic, religious, journalistic or cultural exchange visas.

Most artists who enter the country have been able to do so on a cultural exchange visa, so it's likely that Beyonce and Jay-Z were granted access through that. Either that, or Beyonce promised to film her next Pepsi commercial there...

What do you think of their Cuban vacation?

Photos courtesy of Getty Images