Planet Britney must be a wonderful place. Everything is “fun” and “cool,” Starbucks beverages are bottomless, and even the sad death of a celebrity comes off as “great!”

Wait... what?

While spacing out as usual, some paparazzi tried to get former Mickey Mouse Club member Britney Spears’ take on the death of legend Annette Funicello. Britney’s response? “That’s great!”

Um… no. That’s not great, Britney. This isn’t The X Factor, it’s real life now we're talking about.

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So, this is hilarious. Britney flashes a couple obligatory “I’m just really excited to be here!” goofy smiles ― you know, that look she’s had on her face since 2007 that just screams “Really, you guys! I’m fine!” ― and then, for some reason, feels the urge to answer a question she obviously wasn’t listening to.

Oh, poor Britney. Obviously when you have paparazzi swarming around you barking questions when you’re just trying to get your Starbucks on, you’ll tend to start tuning them out. But since Britney clearly didn’t hear the question, she learned that her trademark upbeat generic response doesn’t work every time. (Though in the life of a famous, rich pop star, “That’s great!” probably does legitimately work 98% of the time.)

Clearly, Britney will not be asked to give a eulogy any time soon.

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Britney (or, more likely, the Team Britney member assigned to tweet for her) issued some tweets as damage control, though it was a little late to stop the public perception that Android Britney had malfunctioned again:

"Misheard a question I was asked earlier by press while I was out and about.I am DEVASTATED to hear about the passing of Annette Funicello. She was a role model for me during my days as a Mousketeer. #Heartbroken."

We suppose we should just count ourselves grateful that Britney didn't give Roger Ebert's recent passing "two thumbs up."

Was Britney's blunder a major snafu or just a little mistake?