Everyone loves Adele, even if you’re the biggest pop star of our generation... right, Britney Spears?

Adele graces the cover of Elle magazine for its "Women in Music" issue, where they pretty much just dish on how perfectly perfect she is in every single way. Tell us something we don’t know, Elle. But it’s Britney’s open letter to the British singer that’s definitely the highlight of the whole issue!

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Britney writes: “Her voice is just not like any other voice out there. It draws the emotion out of you. A lot of her songs kind of put me in a trance. We were both at the VMAs, and they were like, ‘Do you want to meet Adele?’ And I was like, ‘Um, yes!’ She was even better than I imagined, in person — she’s so incredibly down-to-earth. You can tell she hasn’t gotten caught up in that pop music machine thing — which is easy to get caught in — and she hasn’t just listened to what executives were telling her to do. All of her stuff is hers, and that’s really amazing.”

Pretty sweet, right? And definitely true in every way. Katy Perry also gushed about how much she adores Adele in the issue and we can’t wait to check out she said had to write.

With the competitive nature of the industry and some celebrities being not-so-kind to one another, it’s fantastic to see these ones praise each other and their talents. Way to go, Britney!

What do you think about Britney’s letter to Adele?