Sorry, blue- and green-eyed girls. Cody Simpson has a clear preference for “Pretty Brown Eyes,” as his latest single makes crystal clear.

The video finds Cody poolside, oft-shirtless, popping Capri Suns (what’d you expect, Hennessy?) and flirting with a brown-eyed vixen, naturally. There’s also an animated element, as if a graffiti artist somehow got loose in the editing room and decided to draw all over Cody’s day of fun in the sun.

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A spiritual prequel to Van Morrison’s pop classic “Brown Eyed Girl,” “Pretty Brown Eyes” has Cody singing a catchy hook and providing his own rap bridge, and in the video, he also has a nice little dance breakdown to show off for his intended ladyfriend.

We’re not really sure what he sees in this girl, though, beyond those “Pretty Brown Eyes,” since she seems more interested in pushing him in the pool fully-clothed than any sort of teen hanky-panky that might occur.

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(Sidebar: why do people in music videos always just smile and laugh when they’re pushed in a pool, instead of getting upset and making the pusher buy them a new iPhone?)

So now it's your chance to weigh in... is the video a snooze or Justin Timberlake-worthy?

Are you feeling Cody's new single?