Care to share a Capri Sun with Cody Simpson by the pool? Well, now’s your chance! We saw the debut of his new single and video for “Pretty Brown Eyes” yesterday, and it just about screams summer with a day of fun in the sun poolside and even a little summer lovin’. Hear that, summer? We’re ready for you!

Cody took a break to chat with our very own Chelsea Briggs on the set of the video, explaining why he chose brown eyes as the subject of his latest smash as well as his plans for getting a driver’s license (and a sweet new ride).

“Brown eyes is a very universal eye color,” Cody says of his inspiration for this song, which is designed to appeal to the most massive amount of young ladies possible. “You can go anywhere in the world and see people with brown eyes. I think a lot of girls would like a song about them.”

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In case anyone suspected that Cody would depart from his image as a beach-loving Aussie teen and maybe go edgier or darker, don’t bet on it ― he’s just fine being the “floral-wearing” guy we see in the laid-back vid. Fans can expect him to stay true to his roots: “I surf a lot, and I want my music to… reflect the lifestyle that I live, make my fans feel like they’re sort of living it with me,” he says.

There is a bit of excitement coming up for Cody ― his driver’s license and the purchase of a new car. He’s undecided on the model but sure about the color: black. Just don’t ask him to parallel park…

Will you see Cody on his Paradise tour?

And what do you think about his upcoming book?