One of Demi Lovato’s more recent singles was “Give Your Heart A Break,” but it was Demi’s leg that was given a break more recently ― as the girl behind (the now ironically titled) Unbroken revealed on last night’s Jimmy Kimmel appearance. And she holds a certain Oscar-winning actress from this year responsible!

(No, it’s not Anne Hathaway… though we kind of wish it was Anne Hathaway.)

In addition to blaming Jennifer Lawrence for all her ills, Demi performed “Heart Attack,” dished on returning to The X Factor, and narrowly avoided a Khloe Kardashian diss.

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Demi claims she has no idea who The X Factor is looking to replace exiting judges Britney Spears and L.A. Reid with, but she has a couple dream collaborators ― Katy Perry and Lady Gaga. (She should probably just keep dreaming…)

Demi, who was clearly not feeling too well for the interview, then explained how her roommate and Jennifer Lawrence conspired to break her leg during a viewing of Silver Linings Playbook. (Really, it sounds more like the roommate's fault than Jennifer's, but we'll let it slide.)

Demi also performed "Heart Attack" from her creatively-titled upcoming album Demi.

Do you think Lady Gaga or Katy Perry would be a good X Factor judge?

Do you think either of them would consider an offer?