A few months ago, Demi Lovato and Lea Michele barely knew each other. Now, they text each other and hang out like old pals!

The ladies had an adorable late-night Twitter exchange on Wednesday, which Lea started off by tweeting, "Was just blasting Heart Attack and singing it at the top of my lungs and at the same moment got a text from my girl ! I <3 her :)."

After getting some public praise from her pal, Demi responded with a loving message of her own. "Love you so much lady :) can't wait to see you soon!!" she wrote.

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Although the gals hung out and posed for photos together about a year ago at the Fox upfronts, they really seemed to hit it off back in October, when they were next door neighbors at the recording studio. "Best news is that Demi Lovato is the room right next door 2 me recording her album! :) She's so sweet & just gave me such great motivation!" Lea tweeted afterwards.

Lea isn't Demi's only pal to give her latest hit "Heart Attack" a shoutout, either! Her longtime friend Selena Gomez tweeted a screenshot photo of the song playing on her phone, captioned with a smiley face.

Demi's new album comes out May 14, while Lea is still hard at work on her first solo album, while also finishing up filming for Glee and tending to boyfriend Cory Monteith, who recently checked into rehab. Hmm... maybe we'll see her singing "Heart Attack" in an upcoming episode?

Who is your fave pair of celeb BFFs?

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