Over the years, Coachella has become the place to transform yourself and become a completely new person with your wardrobe for a weekend or two. We understand “Festival Style,” but some stars must've missed our must-haves or possibly misinterpreted it. Heavy jackets aren’t necessary in the desert, Coachella isn’t Woodstock, and this is 2013... sooo there’s no need to pretend you’re from a different era, guys.

Weekend two kicks off tomorrow, so here are some Coachella mistakes that we certainly hope we won’t be seeing these next few days.


Ireland Baldwin

Lesson: Leave Your Stars and Stripes Attire For Fourth of July

There’s nothing wrong with showing your patriotism, but full-on head-to-toe American pride might be best for Independence Day -– and just that day.


Tallulah Willis

Lesson: Pack a Cute Bathing Suit... But Make Sure Pack Other Clothes As Well

We get that partying in the desert gets a bit warm and wearing a bathing suit may seem like the best idea, but maybe throw on some pants or a skirt on so your butt isn’t doing this, k?


Vanessa Hudgens

Lesson: Leave the Hippe/Woodstock Attire in the 60s

Vanessa has always been a fan of the “boho” look, but this tye-dye on tye-dye, beaded top, flower-power style just comes off as her trying way, way too hard.


Ashley Benson & Tyler Blackburn

Lesson: Make Sure You & Your Boyfriends' Outfits Are At Least From The Same Era

Tyler is looking like he’s a hippie from the 70s and Ashley is trying to pull off the grunge look from the 90s. They both look silly alone, but it’s even worse seeing them next to each other. This isn't Halloween, guys. It's a music festival.


Diane Kruger

Lesson: Bring Lighter Jackets To Wear With Your Sundress

It probably got a little chilly that night while walking around the grounds, so boyfriend Joshua Jackson most likely handed his fur jacket to Diane. Let this be a lesson to both that a heavy jacket probably isn’t necessary in the desert.

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Paris Hilton

Lesson: Dress Like It’s 2013, Not 2001

Paris is stuck in the days where she was actually relevant, both in her head and with her style. Update your wardrobe, girlfriend.


Kristen Stewart

Lesson: Take Some Fashion Risks

Kristen isn’t at all rebellious with her Coachella style. Wearing a white T-shirt, jean shorts, Converse and a backward hat makes us think that she's just walking down the streets of LA. But this is Coachella! Show some style!


Bella Throne

Lesson: If You’re Going to Try the Floral Headdress Trend, Find One That Won’t Give You a Headache

Urban Outfitters probably made a fortune this month, considering the number of floral headdresses we spotted on pretty much every girl at Coachella, including Bella Throne. But if you’re going to try and pull this off, maybe find one that won’t weigh your head down or make you look like a walking bouquet. Too. Much.


Which fashion mistake is the ultimate worst from last weekend's Coachella?

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